Shingles and skylights!

Finally the surface of the roof is ready. We extend the WinterGuard up toward the peak. We're getting awfully tired of putting that big tarp on and taking it off again.

Devon is standing on staging that we screwed to the roof so that we could work. WinterGuard will heal (so they say) when the screws come out. But we will not put screw through our shingles.

The WinterGuard is sticky on the back. We pull off the blue backing to expose the adhesive and roll it onto the roof. It's not as hard as it looks. Devon, Brevet, and Tom roll this piece over the peak. We can't ditch the tarp yet, though, because of the skylights. :-(

Some of the blue plastic backing is under the pads of our temporary steps. Otherwise, after a few days the heat of the sun makes it very difficult to pull the steps up again.

To keep from needing screws in the shingles, we shingle from the top down! We do as much as we can reach from the top-most staging position, then move down about 5 feet. Careful measuring is required.

Here, we've stepped down twice and we finally get to seal those holes with skylights.

That blue plastic, cut into strips, also keeps the bottom row of shingles from sticking to the WinterGuard until we can get back up to it from the next block.

We were working hard one evening in hopes of finishing, when the sky starting looking ominous. We hurried. A few drops were falling as the last six strips of shingle went on. We collected our tools quickly and just barely beat the downpour.

Then... we just sat on our dry front porch and, for the first time in two years, enjoyed watching the rain.