Roofing Starts at the Porch

...otherwise water running off the main roof would run down the walls

Kira and her friend Jesse help sand the deck boards before placing them on the roof. If it's hard to sand them here, think how hard it would be to sand the ceiling between the beams.

Here, Kira and Devon help put the decking up. No, no! They really are helping.

They're all T&G 2x6 except the last (bottom) row, which is 2x8s that Tom cut tounges on.

So, now we have a roof and a porch ceiling ready to finish.

It needs to be protected from the rain. We nail down tar paper using roofing nails with large plastic washers. That should hold it (not!).

That's a strip of OSB at the top, giving some protection to the wall itself.