Porch Rafters

Remember the slots cut into the top log? That was to allow for this simple joist hanger. We cut a pocket into the top of the rafter to partly conceal this. It's held up with eight #14 screws.

Barbara cut most of the porch rafters. Besides the angled pocket cuts on the upper end, they get a dressy double angle cut on the lower, open end. Here, Barbara is cutting the "bird's mouth" where the rafter will sit on the outside beam.

Then we just lift them by hand, one at a time.






A very long screw fastens the rafter to the beam.




Here's how the porch rafters sit on the top log. The outside one at each corner caused me considerable worry. It's attached to a cantilevered beam. Will the inspector approve?

This is one of the details that love puts into a house: see how the post wraps around the beam? That was hard to do, but we think it's beautiful.