Purlins over Rafters

We had to lift the purlins to their final position in order to mark and cut the notches where they meet the rafters that support them.

After cutting those notches, we move them into final position and lag them down through steel angles. The cat thinks he's helping.

But, actualy, the cat just distracts the help. It looks like there are two purlins under the cat's feet and also under Devon. True: one belongs there and one is pre-positioned up there, so that we can slide it over to the middle of the house after putting up that last rafter in the center.

Since all the purlins have been lifted through the space in the middle, we can now put the last rafter up. And for Tom, it's the last time he has to cling to the top of that ladder while drilling and lagging the tops of rafters together. Another milestone passed!