We build a truss to see if we can. Cutting into an 18 foot long 6x10 is nerve wracking. Screwing up can't be fixed by a trip to the lumber yard. I nearly wore out Mr. Pythagorus's theorum.



  This is a "jack post." It will fit into the rafter and transfer the load down to the "band girt," which spreads the load into the wall below.




We lift the first rafter onto a stand that holds it at the proper angle. Yes, we are lifing it off center -- the crane isn't tall enough to lift it in the middle.

Both rafters are now ready to raise. The concrete block counter-weights on the low end enable us to lift it closer to the bottom. See the Jack Posts attached at the bottom. ...and notice that it's been raining -- again.

We couldn't stop to take pictures during the lift. Now, Devon steadies the two rafters (they don't meet yet) while Tom lags the Jack Posts to the wall.



  The collar tie binds it together, so that it doesn't spread. Now it's a truss.


  Still using the TSF.

  ...and the movable scaffolds.



We might have been just a bit pleased with ourselves at that point.