Gable Ends

We build on up.

Envaluable: two movable scaffolds, 4x8 and 6' high. We roll them all over to reach what we need. But that wall is getting kinda high...

We build a temporary second floor (TSF) so that we can reach even higher.

Then we put the movable scaffold on top of the TSF.
...and we build on up.

The last log, 22 feet above the floor, is placed from ladders on the scaffold on the TSF.

A unique feature of our home is this gable end cap, a 4x8 placed flat on top of the gable. It's keyed into each log of the gable with a 3x3 angle iron. It will (we claim) make it easier to put a roof on top and run the purlins out over the eave.