Cantilevers at the corners support eave & porch

We're getting close to the top of the "square" part (up to where the gable ends begin). This log is cut to match the dovetail corner pieces, but extends beyond in order to begin a cantilevered top corner.

This log fits into the one pictured above and is cut away so that the one that crosses above it needs no notch. That's important since that next log will cantilever out to support the eave.



  So, the log pictured above is in place and a full log (no notch) is lowered in place over it.

We took this photo with us when going to the building inspectors' office, because once it's all in place it really looks like each log is equally notched.

Don't you agree?

The slots in the top course are to receive porch rafter beams later.

Being "up to square" is a milestone. We celebrate, then go back to work.